Game: Contre-Jour (student project)

Genre: Adventure/Reflection

Number of players: 1

Plateform: Developed for XBLA with a prototype on PC

Game Engine: Unity 3D Pro

During this project, I held the position of Level Designer, Game Designer and Graphic Designer 2D/3D

Concept: A little boy who is cursed is sentenced to position on imaginary entity on the ground. He must not expose all of it to the light or else he will die. The player has to always take refuge in the shadows of the scenery to progress in the levels.


  1. Design, build and script all levels of the prototype including tutorials based on the contrast between light and shadow.
  2. Design (game system, gameplay) and realization (game design document, behaviours).
  3. Design the gameplay progression to create an enjoyable experience through the gameplay.
  4. Modeling and texturing of 3D assets using 3DS MAX 2010.