Single player map

Name: Incubation

Game: Gears of War

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 3

During this project, I held the position of Level Designer

This involved:

  1. Designing and building the overall walkthrough
  2. Designing and building a part of the map
  3. Working on the gameplay progression, player’s motivation and difficulty curve
  4. Scripting using Kismet (cinematic, events, streaming)


Incubation is a solo player map in which Marcus must escape from a Locust jail. To complete his objective, the player has 3 different paths where each one of them leads to a different approach of the gameplay from Epic’s Gears of War.The goal was to influenced the player’s choices by the feelings and event which the environment provokes on him. By associating each path to a specific feeling, players unconsciously by the felt, is going to adapt the way he plays (without sharpness, careful).

The main objective was to make feel two emotions at the player: the oppression and surprise when is playing on this map. To do so, I up elements of level design such as:

  1. Environment:Using restrict space, worrying sounds, macabre environment, using trigger to surprise the player locust concealed which goes out of the wall, the corpse which falls of the ceiling…
  2. Enemies:Enemies’ patrol, if an alarm starts reinforcements arrive
  3. Develop new feature: We have created destructible eggs if the player the destroyed of monsters bring out of it and attack the player.