Multiplayer map 2 to 4 players

Name: Tri-Path

Game: Splinter Cell – Chaos Theory

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 2

During this project, I held the position of Level Designer

This involved:

  1. Designing the overall walkthrough
  2. Designing and building a part of the map
  3. Working on the gameplay progression, player’s motivation and difficulty curve
  4. Scripting using Kismet (cinematic, events, streaming)


My constraint was the transparency.  To answer this constraint I have at first, to divert the original gameplay of the game. Indeed the mercenary and the spies cannot directly interact anymore between them. Every spy is locked in a corridor; every corridor possesses a theme, infiltration, platform, speed. Above them the mercenary through a window on the ground can see what make the spies and activate traps consequently to slow down or kill them. If a spy starts the alarm a trapdoors in the ceiling opens and the mercenary can shoot them. The objective for the spies is to attempt the final room situated at the end of every corridor to pirate a computer. In this last part mercenary and spy are not anymore separated.

My goal was to make it easy to play, particularly for beginners, but harder to master by assuring the replay value. To keep my level design focused on this objective, I used keywords:

  1. Cooperation: There are holes in the walls of corridors so the spies can fire in the corridor of another player spy to help him by deactivating an alarm for example. In the last room one or two spies will have to distract the mercenary while another spy pirates the computer.
  2. Balance of power: At the beginning the mercenary is in a strong position he sees everything and can act consequently. In the last room the balance of power is inverted the spies are three against one. They can take revenge.
  3. Management of the space: The spies evolve in corridors not very wide under duress of time, the last room is bigger the spies can release themselves from all the pressure accumulated in the first part of the map.

[TriPath] Splinter Cell Chaos Theory par celestarion